Parma Detention Center

Station -New
The Parma Detention Center is a full-service jail currently staffed by one jail administrator, one civilian administrative assistant, and a staff of 18 corrections officers. The center can hold up to 26 inmates. In November of 2021, the center was inspected by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections and found to comply with all 178 jail standards. In addition to housing inmates, the Parma Detention Center also provides fingerprinting services for individuals who need background checks. 

Detention Center Administrator - Captain Daniel Ciryak

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Captain Daniel Ciryak
Phone: 440-887-7334
Email: dan.ciryak@parmajustice.net

Supervisor’s Office
(440) 887-7300 ext. 7211

Civilian Fingerprinting
(440) 887-7300 ext. 7222

Prisoner Booking/Bond/Visitation/General Information
(440) 887-7300 ext. 7213

Juvenile Arrest Information
(440) 887-7300 ext. 7325