Uniform Patrol Division

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The Uniform Patrol Division is the first responding entity of the Parma Police Department. As of April 2024, the division is staffed by 85 officers, which consists of a captain, who is the division commander, a lieutenant who serves as the division's assistant commander, two shift lieutenants, eight sergeants and 73 patrol officers. 

The men and women of the Uniform Division patrol 20 square miles, responding to a variety of calls while working closely with the Detective Bureau and Communications Center to protect and serve the approximately 80,000 residents of the City of Parma. In addition to basic patrol services, the Uniform Patrol Division operates a Traffic Enforcement/Accident Investigation Unit, a K-9 Unit, a Bicycle Unit, a Field Training Unit, a SWAT Unit, Law Post Explorers youth mentoring program, School Crossing Guards, and an Auxiliary Police Unit. Two officers also serve as full-time school resource officers.  Our officers work 12-hour shifts with rotating days off.

To better serve the community, the Parma Police Department has equipped patrol cars with state-of-the-art law enforcement technology such as mobile computers, RADAR units, in-car video systems, and Automatic License Plate Readers.

Uniform Patrol Commander - Captain Richard Hach

Captain Hach began his career as a Parma Police officer in 1995. He was recently promoted to the rank of captain and was assigned to take over command of the patrol division. During his career, Capt. Hach served as the SWAT Team commander, and detective bureau lieutenant,  and was the coordinator for the department's field training unit. Capt. Hach is a graduate of the School of Police Staff and Command at Northwestern University, the FBI National Academy Class 277, the Police Executive Leadership College, and the PEALS leadership school. He holds a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Tiffin University.

To contact Captain Hach, please send him an email at richard.hach@parmajustice.net, or contact him at 440-887-7352.

Contact Information:

Lieutenant Dean Leon - Deputy Uniform Patrol Division Commander 
Phone: 440-887- 7328
Email: dean.leon@parmajustice.net

Lieutenant Oliver Simic - A Platoon Shift Commander (0700 hours to 1900 hours)
Phone: 440-887-7353
Email: oliver.simic@parmajustice.net

Lieutenant Bobby Jackson - B Platoon Shift Commander (1900 hours to 0700 hours)
Phone: 440-887-7315
Email: bobby.jackson@parmajustice.net  

Platoon Supervisors:

A Platoon:
Sergeant M. Burkhart: 440-887-7350
Sergeant D. D'Eusanio: 440-887-7338 - Traffic Unit Supervisor
Sergeant J. Mowry: 440-887-7313
Sergeant S. Shepetiak: 440-887-7306

B Platoon:
Sergeant J. Fullerton: 440-887-7308
Sergeant R. Morgan: 440-887-7300
Sergeant M. Samijlenko: 440-887-7347
Sergeant N. Schuld: 440-887-7312