Parma Police Department Announces Deer Culling Program

The City of Parma Police Department has implemented a deer culling program that will be commencing in the near future. 

The harvested deer will be made available to Parma residents. If you want to pick up a harvested deer, please sign up using the Google form link at the bottom of this page. You must be a Parma resident to participate and show a photo ID or present a current utility bill displaying your Parma address. 

There is a limit of one deer per household. However, if you indicate interest in retrieving additional deer, you may be eligible once every resident on the list is given an opportunity. There will be no choice in the deer provided to you, e.g., buck, doe, size, etc. Residents will be responsible for field dressing the deer offsite and any additional processing.

Once a deer is harvested, you will receive a phone call and be provided with the retrieval location. You will have 30 minutes to arrive to claim the deer. The culling hours will be from approximately 4:00 PM to 11:00 PM, so please be prepared to receive the phone call during those hours.

City of Parma Harvested Deer Pick-Up List: 2023-2024